Thermo wood – Heat treatment of wood at higher temperatures

Thermo wood is a material that is already several years in the market and it’s in growing consumption and all wider usefulness focuses on a series of affirmative characteristics. It is a product whose benefits primarily reflect in the exceptional dimensional stability in changing humidity, advanced natural durability and pleasant color. In the future, it can be very good solution for manufacturers of joinery, flooring, garden furniture, prefabricated houses, saunas, etc.

General properties of thermo wood and field of application

Thermo wood is a product obtained by intensive treatment of wood at unusually high temperatures. This heating of wood permanently alters the greater number of its chemical and physical properties. Changes of properties are mainly caused by the thermal degradation of hemicellulose. These changes start to appear already at temperatures of about 150 C° and they are continually continuing with increasing temperature. As a result, the tendency of the original natural wood to warping, swelling and shrinkage is reduced by about 50%.  Thermo wood becomes much more stable than normal wood in changeable climatic and environmental conditions. In the production of the thermo wood, are also improved the thermal insulations properties and in coniferous species is removed resin from the wood. According to that the color becomes darker, various enzymes go out of the wood, the wood becomes lighter moisture content balance and pH of wood are reduced. However, it should be noted that some wood strength inevitably diminish.  High resistance to moisture and rot makes the thermo wood extraordinary material for outdoor furniture and wooden structures in the gardens and terraces. However, it is not totally adequate for conditions which can cause water supply or prolonged contact with moist soil. Exceptional thermal insulation and the absence of resin also make the thermo wood ideal for warm and moist interiors such as saunas and laundry rooms. Its low moisture content also means that the benches in saunas, made from thermo wood, are hygienically good and less burn the skin than those made of plain wood. In applying for flooring and furniture come particularly to the fore exceptional dimensional stability of thermo wood and his beautiful color. The intense heat treatment leads to the appearance of the whole range of attractive brown shades and tones of thermo wood. Generally, the higher temperature treatment leads to the appearance of darker and richer (more intense) colors.

Practical experience in working with thermo wood 

Thermo wood doesn’t have any negative effects on the environment. Any waste arising from the thermo wood can be safely incinerated or destroyed in some other way, without any risk to the environment. Another important advantage from the environmental point is that the wood of almost any tree species can be used in the preparation of the thermo wood. When there is the mechanical process, attention must be directed to the dust that is produced in this way. Since the thermo wood is too dry, its processing is produced fine dust that can easily spread in the air. If there is no centralized system for its removal, it is required the use of mask.

Work with thermo wood 

Raw material:

  • Aspen: the results of treatment are good, but the demand for this kind of wood is weak.
  • Birch: good results of treatment, and demand is slightly better
  • Pine and spruce: structure in which they are present little coalesced nodes is good, and structure with large confluent dead nodes is a problem. The demand is great.  


  • Using the normal machines and cutting tools, but they must bi sharp.
  • There are no significant problems with shooting or incising of wood.
  • There are no residual stresses in thermo wood.
  • The structure of the thermo wood is similar to the structure of hardwoods and a variety of tools should be done accordingly.  


  • Companies use normal machines and knives.
  • Machines and knives must be well prepared and sharpened.
  • Knives should be prepared to be working with hardwood.
  • Aspen, birch and pine are very good for processing.
  • Spruce requires a little more attention, but the results are also good.


  • Danger of bursting when making plugs.
  • Razor blades, correct angle cutting and cutting speed affect the quality of processing.


  • There are no significant problems in using the grinding machine.
  • Wear sandpaper is similar when grinding hardwood.

Nails and screws:

  • Pneumatic gun is the best for hammering the nails.
  • For hammering nails with ordinary hammer it is necessary to predrill the hole.
  • Before driving the screws it is necessary to drill the hole.
  • Handling with thermo wood is the same as handling with hardwood.


  • Curing time and holding pressure is significantly longer.
  • Adhesive curing time can be shortened by increasing the temperature.
  • The ability to use different adhesives.

Surface treatment:

  • Using a normal methods of surface treatment.
  • Without coating with pigments, the surface becomes light gray after a certain period.
  • Good adhesion of coating to the substrate.
  • The material is a good base for water-based coating.

Storage of raw materials:

  • Raw material for thermal treatment do not expose to rain or snow.
  • Stack structures protect with paper envelopes or store them in warehouses.
  • It is not necessary air conditioning in the warehouses.
  • Conditioning of material in given conditions is recommended.


Previous allegations of the thermo wood as a material which is already several years on the market clearly indicate that it possesses a number of advantages and it has a very wide application area.    


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How to save your times and money by using a vacuum sealer

Nowadays the time has come to the point that we need to stretch out every dollar on food and we need to preserve as much as we can both money and time as well. The best way to save money and time is with vacuum sealers, this can really benefit you in the long run and you will keep your food fresh and preserved and it will save you a lot of money that you can use for other things. How to save you time and money in this way you can read in our guide and explanation below:

Buying food in bulk

If you are considering using vacuum sealer than you should start buying food in bulk, in the long run you will save a lot of money plus you can use coupons and save money with them as well, no more need for you to go several times a week to your grocery store. If you can organize yourself to go to a grocery store only one time on weekend only, this will save you time and money that you would spend on gas.

Saving money on food

You will save a lot of money on food. Think about how much food you are wasting daily, that your family doesn’t eat and the food just goes bad at the end and you throw it away. Using vacuum sealer will preserve the food and even give it a much better taste when you open it again.

Preserve your food correctly

You can preserve basically any type of foods with your vacuum sealer.  How many times did your cheese or salsa went bad in your refrigerator? I am assuming a lot of times. Now before you put it back in refrigerator seal it with a vacuum that will take out most of the air out and it will preserve the food, in that way you will save money and you will stop wasting money and throwing it down the drain.

Cooking bigger batches

This will save both money and time. Now you can cook bigger batches of food and whatever is left uneaten you can use vacuum sealer for later, it will taste exactly the same or even better.  Some studies show that using vacuum sealer can save you up to $3000 a year, with a very small investment on your side.

Vacuum sealed food taste a lot better.

Believe it or not that is a true, when most of the air is taken out the food will preserve its best ingredients and after some foods will actually taste much better and it’s very healthy to eat. The food has a better flavor and it stays fresh for much longer time, it will taste like you just cooked it. You will have more quality food for every meal.

 More space in refrigerator

You will save a lot of space in your refrigerator by vacuuming your food and storing it correctly, you will store everything more efficiently and you will have more space even though you will have more food stored. But the food that you are storing will actually have longer time span and it will be good to eat for a longer period of time.

 You will save a lot of time daily

If you already have prepared food for you and your family to eat, you can use that time for better things than cooking every day and at the end a lot of that food will be thrown away.

Vacuum sealer is very cheap to purchase

In the long run it can save you a lot of money and time. So if you are on a budget don’t worry you can pick up cheaper models for as lows as $20 – $30 upwards.  Considering how much money we waste each year on throwing food away, this small investment will benefit and save you money after one week.

I believe that we explained  in this post how much will you benefit from using Vacuum Sealer, there are so many benefits from using the vacuum sealer, you will save a lot of money and time. Saving time is priceless, there are so many things that you can do better but wasting it on things that you can do more efficiently, in a nutshell what are the good things that you will have from using Vacuum Sealer, and these mentioned below are just a few of many:

  • Save money on food with preserving a lot of it
  • Not more throwing away perfectly good food
  • Saving time by not going to grocery store every day
  • Tastier food with using Vacuum sealer
  • Saving time on cooking bigger batches of food
  • Long term in food storage
  • More space in your fridge
  • Vacuum sealer is cheap to buy
  • The bags are BPA free, they are safe and friendly to use
  • Saving time on cleaning and washing dishes

These are just some of the good sides of using Vacuum sealer that will save you both time and money and with all of that it comes a lot more benefits of eating food that has his best qualities preserved, more storage space and a lot more things. Small investment, regarding your food you really can’t make a better investment than this for you and your family.

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How to choose the best wood router?

Tips for choosing the best wood router?

If you are working with wood professionally and you want to be a master craftsman than you need professional tools. Having the best wood router is a need to have tool. Good quality doesn’t come cheap but considering all things this will be a best investment that you will make in a long time.

Before you go out to purchase the best wood router for your needs you need to do a little research of your own. Depending on your needs as a craftsman you need to choose appropriate wood working tools to fit your needs. In this article we will try to explain and review closely some of the best wood routers that you can find.

We need to cover some basics there are 3 types of wood routers:

  • Plunge Wood Routers
  • Fixed Base Wood Routers
  • Interchangeable Routers

1. Plunge Wood Routers

Like in any appliance there are some pros and cons to using it. Some pros of the plunge router is that instead of Fixed base router, it starts to cut in the middle of the work instead of the edge, which offers much bigger variety of options while the con is that it’s a lot harder to use for inexperienced craftsman.

2. Fixed Base Wood Router

This one is perfect for beginners. This model is mostly used fitted on a router table and perfect for cutting edges where you need a straight line. Much lighter in weight than plunge wood router and it’s easier to use. Before starting to cut you need to adjust the depth, remember to adjust it at the beginning as you will not be able to do it during the cutting.

3. Interchangeable Base Router

On the market today you can find several wood routers with interchangeable options where you can choose between plunged and fixed base routers.  You can easily switch between them just by removing motor from one and adding it to another one. Considering that with this one you will not need to purchase two wood routers as you will have, two in one option with this one. Of course not everything is so perfect. Considering how much time will you waste switching motors from one to another some people still find much more efficient to purchase two different wood routers, At the end of the it all depends on your needs and how often will you use it.

If you thought this is all the difference between you can choose from you are wrong. Of course this is where the motor comes in. Different types of wood routes come with different horsepower and speed. Now it all depends on which one you choose you will have the power based on what you paid for. Different wood routers come with different power so you will have the option to choose from 8,000 all the way to 30,000 RPMs. Again depending on what you will be using it for and how often will you use it you will choose the right one for you.

Added options for Wood Routers:

  • Router bits
  • Table for routers
  • Router Fences
  • Jigs
  • Clamps
  • Switches

Some of the features will already be in the box when you purchase a wood router, in some you might not get any of the options outlined above, so you will have to get it separately. All the features are on a need to have basis as they will make your live a lot easier.  There are plenty of wood rooter reviews online so it’s very easy to get confused on what you need and what you don’t need. It all comes down to what will you use it for and how often will you use it.

  1. Different types of router bits

Not all router bits are the same you basically have ten bits options:

  • Beading
  • Chamfer
  • Cove
  • Dado
  • Dovetail
  • Rabbeting
  • Roman Ogee
  • Round Nose
  • Round Over
  • V Groove

You need to do your due diligence before you go out and get one of the options for yourself. They are all the same thing but again they are different.

  1. Clamps

Even though it doesn’t sound like you need to have it, it’s actually very important and will make your life easier. When you place clamps on the work that you are doing it will prevent it from slipping of the table or moving.

  1. Fences

The same as the clamps, their job is to keep the wood steady while you work on it. You will push the wood against the fence and keep it steady while you work on it. This will make your life a hell of lot easier especially if you have ton of work to do and don’t have time to lose on small and insignificant things like this.


Again, choosing the best wood router can be a little tricky, but with the right due diligence and your exact plan on what you will be using it on can get you a lot closer to your decision. Will it be Plunge or Fixed Base Wood Router depends on your needs. If you decide you can go with Interchangeable option. Remember if you are using it often for more efficient work it’s best to take 2 Wood routers with different options as it will save you a lot of time. Don’t forget to take the right added options for them as well. Look for some of the best wood router reviews and make your decision.

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How to Become an Art Collector

Collecting art generally sounds like the rich peoples work. But it is not true. Anyone can become an art collector. Maybe you will not sleep with a Masterpiece from Picasso over your head, but you can definitely quench your thirst by collecting some beautiful art works.

Taking  Preparations

  1. Start with the ideas and experience from research. Without a little education, you will find difficulties.
  2. There is a difference between art collectors, art investors and art speculators. Learn about them and gather experience.
  3. Make a strategy before getting into an auction house. Make up your mind on a fixed budget and get suggestions from art dealers and other investors.

Buying Art Pieces

  1. Search for the art colleges which is in a good form means whose selling rate is good in the market.
  2. Go to well known and trusted auction houses. There are lots of fraud people around who shows themselves as professionals.
  • If you don’t have any idea of auction houses, then at first get suggestions from the experts.
  • Don’t buy anything if the price range is getting higher than your budget. If you are emotional about the art pieces and increase your budget, you may loss some of your money.

3. Fine art paintings are more effective than the decorative arts. Paintings from an renowned artist may give you a good profit if you want to sell in future.

4.  Make an insurance for each of your collected arts. We never knew what will happen next. So, it will be best if you make insurance for them.

Selling Fine Artworks

  1. Keep yourself up to date. Wait for the proper time when your art pieces rate is relatively high.
  2. Rent you art collections sometimes for Art exhibitions, Museums or libraries. Also tell your renter to give insurance for your art works.
  3. Always try to gather experience from the auction houses and veteran sellers. Try to improve a good relation with them in order to get help from them.

8 Things you should think before Purchasing an Artwork

  1. Is it really attracting you the most than the other art works? Look for the uniqueness of the artwork than other art pieces.
  2. Why does it grow so much interest in you? There must be some combinations of beauty in the artwork you choose.
  3. Watch the artworks several times. Are you getting bored? If you aren’t getting bored then it’s good with you.
  4. Which group matches the artwork? It could be Historical, Cultural, Classical, Travelling or any other categories.
  5. Is the price is reasonable? some art pieces can be over priced to fool you. Beware before buying that what you are buying.
  6. How is the construction? If the art piece is vulnerable, then you have to take extra care of the art work.
  7. Are you sure that it is authentic? Do investigate the artwork properly and be sure that the beautiful artwork is authentic.
  8. Is it returnable? Sometimes you may find the art piece is fake or was not in proper care. See if the art piece is returnable in order to safety.

10 things you should do to be Educated and Enjoy collecting

  1. Become a fan of art and keen to learn about this.
  2. Visit various art galleries. It will increase your passion.
  3. Be in touch with famous artists.
  4. Attend in art classes, exhibitions, lectures, studios and many more.
  5. Observe the artworks closely. Train yourself hard and figure out the difference between plenty of styles and processes.
  6. Read about the famous artworks and try to find them all over the world within your reach.
  7. Follow the Art magazines and blogs. View different kind of journals on Arts
  8. Keep yourself updated via social sites and expand your knowledge
  9. Learn about the history behind the pictures, monuments or other artworks you like..
  10. Attend artwork selling bidding places and try to know who won and why. It will give you pleasure for your works.


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