Why is Bosch 1617EVSPK So Popular?

Why is Bosch 1617EVSPK the most popular wood router? Why not other wood routers? There must be some strong reasons for the massive success and popularity behind it. Let us explore and learn what makes it the most sought after wood router in the arsenal of a professional woodworker.

There are many wood routers that can do the same work that this particular wood router can do. What are the real reasons behind it efficiency and popularity? In the words of a very experienced professional woodworker, ‘there’s no better router than this for its superb features and operational flexibility.’

Bosch 1617EVSPK review

When you see it in action, quite arguably, you will be awestruck by the superb quality of work and the highest accuracy levels with which the router operates. Of course, the best use of a tool is seen only when it is used with dexterity. Unless the woodworker is skilled, he cannot realize the full potential of it.

If you are an experienced woodworker, you don’t need this introduction. If you are a new entrant in the field of woodwork, you must know about it completely. If only you know about how amazing its features are, you will get to understand how versatile the tool is. I have no doubt to say that it is going to be most useful tool in your tool kit.

Versatility of Bosch 1617EVSPK

It’s durable

The superior quality of the metal used in making the router makes it tough and durable. You need not worry about its life and durability. You are given a warranty period of at least one year when you purchase the router. But in my experience, I have never had any problem with the one I have been using for the last three years.

It’s consistent

The constant response circuitry designed with the sophisticated technology maintains very high consistency levels in its speed. The persistent problem of many experienced woodworkers face is that many routers fail to meet the same level of speed consistently. As a result, the quality of their work has been affected frequently.

Now you can feel assured with the latest technology which automatically adjusts itself when it finds the particular levels of speed are vacillating.

It’s easy to convert

If you are wondering how it can be both at the same time. Yes, it can be used either as a fixed base one by fixing it to the table with the tools you are provided with. You can also use it as a plunge router by operating it freely with your hands. It’s never going to be a tough task for a trained woodworker. Once you start using it you will find the handles quite comfortable as the grip is soft and convenient.

The quick clamp system is an amazing feature of the router. You won’t find it challenging to convert the router from plunge to fixed based or the vice versa. The clamps are easy to fit within a few minutes. Even an amateur woodworker can fix it within a short period of time.

Versatility of Bosch 1617EVSPK

It takes only a few simple steps to change the plunge router into a fixed one. Moreover, it has never been so easy to adjust to the dept you need. The micro fine bit depth adjustment feature of the machine makes the router highly efficient with finest precision levels you want. With a range of precision levels you will never miss the precision in your routing works.

It comes with a combo offer

If you are looking for an instrument that can do many different tasks, then your problem is solved. The router I am recommending can perform many routing tasks that you need to do. In fact, it can do more than what you can imagine. With some training you will be one of the most efficient woodworkers in your place, wherever you are living in the world.

It has got all the features you want. It is highly efficient with its powerful motor, efficient in operation, elegant in appearance, tough in durability, and smooth while working. In fact, it’s both a fixed base router and a plunge router as well.

Speed Levels are variable

If you are looking for a router that can work at different speed levels, then it is unrivalled. Its speed range varies from 8,000 rotations per minute to 25,000 rotations per minute (RPM). You can’t expect to have a better range than this. Surely, you can perform any routing work on the wood with this router.

The technology of the router is highly sophisticated. With the advanced speed control technology, you can easily change the speed levels you want. You can adjust the speed by fixing a certain speed of the machine based on the hardness of the wood you are routing.  The powerful 2.25 HP/12 Amp motor never fails you in reaching the speed limit you want to have for a specific task.

It’s soft and smooth

Bosch 1617EVSPK is very soft to operate. Its soft start feature is one of the finest features of the machine. By starting softly, it reduces the torque and permits you to increase the speed gradually without any jerks.

The range of bits increase the scope of your different routings you can make. With the increased range of routing bits, it is possible to carve out different shapes very efficiently and smoothly. The curves which you felt would take months to do manually can be done within a few minutes by changing the router bits.

How to choose the best wood router?

Tips for choosing the best wood router?

If you are working with wood professionally and you want to be a master craftsman than you need professional tools. Having the best wood router is a need to have tool. Good quality doesn’t come cheap but considering all things this will be a best investment that you will make in a long time.

Before you go out to purchase the best wood router for your needs you need to do a little research of your own. Depending on your needs as a craftsman you need to choose appropriate wood working tools to fit your needs. In this article we will try to explain and review closely some of the best wood routers that you can find.

We need to cover some basics there are 3 types of wood routers:

  • Plunge Wood Routers
  • Fixed Base Wood Routers
  • Interchangeable Routers

1. Plunge Wood Routers

Like in any appliance there are some pros and cons to using it. Some pros of the plunge router is that instead of Fixed base router, it starts to cut in the middle of the work instead of the edge, which offers much bigger variety of options while the con is that it’s a lot harder to use for inexperienced craftsman.

2. Fixed Base Wood Router

This one is perfect for beginners. This model is mostly used fitted on a router table and perfect for cutting edges where you need a straight line. Much lighter in weight than plunge wood router and it’s easier to use. Before starting to cut you need to adjust the depth, remember to adjust it at the beginning as you will not be able to do it during the cutting.

3. Interchangeable Base Router

On the market today you can find several wood routers with interchangeable options where you can choose between plunged and fixed base routers.  You can easily switch between them just by removing motor from one and adding it to another one. Considering that with this one you will not need to purchase two wood routers as you will have, two in one option with this one. Of course not everything is so perfect. Considering how much time will you waste switching motors from one to another some people still find much more efficient to purchase two different wood routers, At the end of the it all depends on your needs and how often will you use it.

If you thought this is all the difference between you can choose from you are wrong. Of course this is where the motor comes in. Different types of wood routes come with different horsepower and speed. Now it all depends on which one you choose you will have the power based on what you paid for. Different wood routers come with different power so you will have the option to choose from 8,000 all the way to 30,000 RPMs. Again depending on what you will be using it for and how often will you use it you will choose the right one for you.

Added options for Wood Routers:

  • Router bits
  • Table for routers
  • Router Fences
  • Jigs
  • Clamps
  • Switches

Some of the features will already be in the box when you purchase a wood router, in some you might not get any of the options outlined above, so you will have to get it separately. All the features are on a need to have basis as they will make your live a lot easier.  There are plenty of wood rooter reviews online so it’s very easy to get confused on what you need and what you don’t need. It all comes down to what will you use it for and how often will you use it.

  1. Different types of router bits

Not all router bits are the same you basically have ten bits options:

  • Beading
  • Chamfer
  • Cove
  • Dado
  • Dovetail
  • Rabbeting
  • Roman Ogee
  • Round Nose
  • Round Over
  • V Groove

You need to do your due diligence before you go out and get one of the options for yourself. They are all the same thing but again they are different.

  1. Clamps

Even though it doesn’t sound like you need to have it, it’s actually very important and will make your life easier. When you place clamps on the work that you are doing it will prevent it from slipping of the table or moving.

  1. Fences

The same as the clamps, their job is to keep the wood steady while you work on it. You will push the wood against the fence and keep it steady while you work on it. This will make your life a hell of lot easier especially if you have ton of work to do and don’t have time to lose on small and insignificant things like this.


Again, choosing the best wood router can be a little tricky, but with the right due diligence and your exact plan on what you will be using it on can get you a lot closer to your decision. Will it be Plunge or Fixed Base Wood Router depends on your needs. If you decide you can go with Interchangeable option. Remember if you are using it often for more efficient work it’s best to take 2 Wood routers with different options as it will save you a lot of time. Don’t forget to take the right added options for them as well. Look for some of the best wood router reviews and make your decision.

How to make a beautiful shelf using wood and leather?

Shelves are generally wonderful to utilise the wall spaces. In small rooms, where you have hardly any spaces for other furniture apart from the major ones, the hanging shelves work wonderfully to meet all your need. Whether, you want to employ it to decorate the room or to hold your important belongings, like a lamp, books, vase, etc. each deed can be performed with equal perfection and style.

For the last few days, I was searching high and low to find such an appropriate shelving option for the empty wall of my reading room, which will not only be visually exciting, but will be an economic option too. Suddenly, a beautiful design of a unique shelf simply strikes my mind which will be perfectly suited for my reading area. The best part of it is you only need a few materials to make the shelf. Simply can’t resist myself to share it with you.

hanging shelves

Things you will be in need of

  • Wood boards- 2 ( 5″ x 30″)
  • Long belts- 2-4
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler

Steps to follow

  • Using the tape measure and pencil, draw a line 2″ inside from both the edges of the boards that you have collected to make the shelf. For making a straight line, you can use a ruler too. After drawing the line on one side, turn the board upside down and stretch the same line for better aligning. Repeat the process for each side of the two boards.
  • Now, take the belts and create two identical loops with the four belts. You may need to create a few more holes on the belts for attaining the proper dimension of the two straps. Don’t worry, it’s not that tough, you can use the drill to make extra holes.
  • Now, place the first board inside the two loops. Be sure, the belts are placed on the position where you have marked the 2″ line. Reposition the buckles of the belts where you like, only make sure, you are not aligning them with the same area where you need to fix the planks.
  • After positioning the belts in their right places, hold the first belt tight so that it can’t move from its place. Turn over the plank, the underside will remain up. Now, hammer three nails on the belt, but be sure the belt remains aligned with the 2″ line. Repeat the same process with the other belt.
  • Flip the board, facing the front edge forward. now, securing the belt, hammer a nail into the board. Check once to make sure, the nails secure the belts appropriately in their determined places.
  • Now, lay the shelf on its side and place the second plank, 10″ above the fixed board that you have just finished. Check twice whether the second board is aligned with the 2″ line that you made beforehand, otherwise the shelves may not look balanced or parallel. It’s the time to hammer a nail in front of the second board. Repeat the same with the other side of the belt.
  • Hold the shelves still and make sure they are aligned, now adjusting the backsides of the boards properly, hammer the nails into the boards securing the belts. Make sure, the nails are placed centrally instead of the sides.
  • You are almost done with your hanging shelves. After placing the planks accurately on their respective places, pull the top of the loops and make sure they are placed perfectly. If you need the adjustment, make another hole on the belt as per your need. It will help you in adjusting the lengths.
  • If you identify two identical loops, your shelves are ready to hang. You can use a laser level to check whether the shelves are straight or not. Finally, it’s the time to hang it. Use long nails and hammer the nails through the top of the back loops, so that the nails remain hidden by the front side of the loop. Once you are done with the securing the shelves on the wall, it is perfectly ready to serve you.

Wood Hanging Shelf


Crafting this hanging shelf is quite easy and more economic too. If you have spare boards in good condition, you can surely use them in this project. But, if you are using heavy boards, make sure, you are taking the assistance of others while installing the shelf. Otherwise, you may end up hurting yourself. Even check the belts twice, before using them, whether these are capable of carrying the weight of the planks. Place this one in your living room to add a rustic look to the room.

Backpacking Made Easy When You Are Expecting

It is good news for you and your family to welcome a new one.  If you are very fond of camping and trekking and think that you cannot do it anymore then you are wrong. You can still have fun while you camp. You need to take precautions and follow certain tips to keep yourself and your baby in womb secured. This article would mention those points that need to be considered while you camp during pregnancy.

Seek your doctor’s advice before you go out for backpacking

It is a must to take your gynecologist advice before you decide to head out for the camping trip. She will check your medical status and the pregnancy status and suggest whether you are fit to go on the backpacking trip or not. You would get a green signal from doctor if you have no complications. If you already have experience in hiking then also there should not be any trouble in heading out for an adventure trip.

Tips For Backpacking While Pregnant

There may be certain terms on which you need to stick. The doctor may stop you going on high altitudes to keep you and baby safe. She may suggest you specific food that you need to take during the trip. She may vaccinate you before you go out for the trip. This would be for the safety of your baby. She would suggest you certain precautions that you need to take care of for a safe trip. Following her advice will keep you away from any kind of risk that may arise if careless.

Travel light with proper backpacking equipment

It is wise to travel light and keep your backpack light. With a heavy backpack you can be tired soon. In pregnancy one gets tired.  Invest in light pair of hiking shoes. Go along with your partner or friend. Do not travel alone. Your half load will be taken by the partner you are camping with. Carry tent, cooking kit, rain jacket and the best backpacking stoves 2015. Carry a water filter. Carry all the medicines along with you. Keep the knee pads and joint support stuff too. Keep the sleeping bag in your backpack. Carry the light weight stuff. Do not hesitate in buying the new light weight equipments to make your trip easy.

best ultralight backpacking stove

Go easy while you camp with backpack

If you are an experienced hiker you may be tempted to do the difficult hikes with steep inclinations. Resist yourself as you can do that later post your baby is delivered. Do not put risk on your and the baby’s life. Avoid all the situations that can cause you accidents. Stay away from any kind of potential threat. Take flat terrains. Rest if you are tired. It is alright as you are doing adventure and taking care of baby too. Cover your knees and joints as they should not take excessive pressure and get injured. Drink lot of water. Do not starve yourself. Think of the baby you need to feed him. Keep healthy handy food like nuts. Go according to your gynecologist advice.

Do not forget to take your medicines on time. Keep your baby on priority. Stay in touch with your doctor. If you feel any kind of unusual thing with your body, contact your doctor immediately. Do tell your doctor about the timeline you are away on trekking. She would know that you can contact her anytime.

Make sure that you are camping on the right track. You can consult a professional before you start your trip that would help you out in planning of your trip. You must be aware of the place you are tracking on. You cannot choose a rocky location for trekking.  The rocky terrain can be difficult for you to climb down as you will be heavy. Keep yourself away from any situation where you can fall. Take the help of your partner whenever required.

Drink the filtered water. You must select the camping place that has natural source of water as you would require the drinking water. In your condition there are chances of catching any kind of infection so take proper cooked food and clean water to drink. Use hand sanitizer before you eat anything.  Keep yourself away from getting contaminated.

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Wood Planer

Either a professional wood workers or a DIY enthusiast or you just love to play with wood working, everyone want their final products to be smooth and good looking. That’s why you should invest in a wood planer. This machine is used for creating a smooth and flat surface, cut into your desired thickness at some part of the woods or parallel surface at the whole woods, and it can create some nice grain wood’s surface.

There are a lot of wood planer in the market, different brands, different types, different power, different feature, and other differentness. I will give you the guide of the things that you should know and check out before you one of the machine. So you are not wasting your money.

Black&Decker KTW750 750w Wood Planer


Just like other things, there are several brands that produced wood planer such as Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Delta, Steel City Tool, Jet, and others. Those are the common brands that people usually buy.


There are five types of wood planer: handheld planer, thickness planer, jointer planer, portable planer, and benchtop planer. Each of it have different uses and function.

Handheld planer is for light work and to work on some particular part of the woods because you hold the planer and would be hard to get a perfect thickness for the whole woods.

Thickness planer is the right machine to cut your woods to your desired thickness and it would give you the perfect cutting all at the same thickness level on your wood’s surface.

Jointer planer is for you guys who needs to use both jointer and planer but do not want to buy each of the machine separately, also buy those two in one machine is more efficient. It saves spaces to keep one machine rather than two machines and would be cheaper too.

Portable planer might be a great go-to because it is quite cheap, easy to move around and relatively smaller. It also packed with some powerful machine and capable to produced excellent products.

Benchtop planer are for those who works with big woods, hard woods and other hard wood working, this is the machine that is capable for that.

This is an important thing to know so you will buy the right planer. If you buy the wrong one, the planer couldn’t capable of all the works you wanted and won’t give you the results you wanted.


As a type of the planer that matters about the machine’s sizes, the capability of that machine to take in the wood’s size also matters. If you are often use large size woods than you have to search for a machine that is capable to do those sizes.

Jointer surface planer


Each planer will have different motor. This will affect to your planer’s power and the blade’s speed. Powerful motor of course will have more power and be more compatible to work with hard woods or other heavy works.


The motor will also affect the machine’s speed. More speed means you could work faster and suitable to do particular thing to the woods that needs high speed. If you are able to buy a machine that have a couple stages of speed would be a great thing so you would have more control of the machine and about the outcome.

Blades or Knives

You have to search for a machine that has the most amount of knives because that is the part that will give you a clean cut. The more it is the smoother and cleaner your cut will be. Blades of knives if you use it often, someday it will get dull then it means you have to change or sharpen it. This is also a thing you have to consider. The easiness to change it is a must so you could still cut with ease.


This is a must thing that you have to find in a planer. You want your woods to be perfectly cut to your desired thickness. If the accuracy a little bit off probably won’t give you a perfect result.


Planer is for cutting your woods to a certain thickness. That is why the depth range of the machine is important. It would be a waste if you buy a planer that doesn’t supported or can’t compatible with the depth thickness that you wanted. If the machine is compatible than you could easily make the cutting more accurate.


A good quality planer might need less maintenance because the broken probability might be not as high as a bad quality planer would have. A machine that needs a lot of maintenance would probably cost a lot.

How long does the planer have a warranty from the company might also be a thing to pay attention. A longer warranty, example 5 years, is the time you wanted to protect your planer.


This is something important. A lot of planer in the market, they offer different prices. You could buy it from a shop or buy it online. Some people suggest that buy a second-hand planer a great idea but you really have to make sure it is still in a good condition. Compare between shop and seller also a must. Lastly is always watch out for discount.

After read this article, I hope you could start looking for your perfect planer.

Why will you use a router table while routing?

Wood working, for some it’s just a profession and for some, it’s a passion. A number of the amateur woodworkers are certainly not less in comparison with the professionals. Whether a professional or a hobbyist, only a woodworker can realise the necessity of a router to perform woodworking tasks. This multi tasking tool is simply a blessing for the woodworkers. But, this versatile tool will work more efficiently and accurately in the presence of a router table.

A router table mounted onto a work stand

Using a router table is the faster and easier way of routing than using the router alone. Professional woodworkers estimate, they perform 75%-85% of their routing tasks on the table, which consumes less time and makes the routing experience smooth and stress-free than the handheld router. While using a router table, your hands are free as you don’t have to strain them to clamp the workpiece anymore. Even working with the narrow workpiece becomes easier with a router table.

With the advance technology, router tables are no longer in their basic forms, they have also emerged with several new and useful features that give them a distinctive identity and prove them most beneficial to the users. Let’s see, why your routing experience is simply incomplete without a router table.


The most important advantage of using a router table while working with a router, is to get more precise work, rather than a handheld router. A router mounted on a fixed base router table is destined to deliver more accurate cuts than a handheld router, as the router get less chance of moving. Repetitive highly precise cuts certainly increase the aesthetic value of the workpiece and turn into a masterpiece. Unlike the router placed on a table,  in a handheld router, the cutting bit does not remain fixed and you are tending to get uneven cuts too.


While working on a router table, a woodworker need not to worry about the deflecting of the router while producing different cuts. The ultimate benefit of this performance is that you can smoothly enhance the speed of working. You can easily move the workpiece smoothly and rapidly without worrying about the irregular cuts. This will increase the output of the woodworking projects  and will be beneficial for the business as well.

Intricate cuts

For cutting straight lines or geometric patterns, handheld routers may be perfect, but routing defines a lot more than that. Sometimes, dealing with irregular workpiece becomes so unmanageable that handling both the router and the workpiece seems really difficult- if not impossible. But, when the router is fixed on the table, you no longer have to worry about the router and can fully concentrate on the workpiece for producing such complex cuts.

Depth of cuts

Arguably, it is assumed that, customizing the depth of cuts is easier with handheld routers. It may be true for simple cuts that allows quick adjustments, but not for complex cuts; where you need to adjust the depth more frequently. But, the router tables come with easily accessible bit assembly that provides scopes of smooth and quick modifications and you no longer have to alert about the changes of the depth of cuts. You will get regular, even and precise cutting.

Using a router table

Little maintenance

Uses of the router table, lessen your maintenance time too. While working with a wood router singly, the sawdust will be spread all over the room and will take hours to clean. Even those dust can create health issues too. But, while using a router table, the sawdust will remain on the table and a very little amount of sawdust is allowed to enter below. Even the router, itself needs littles maintenance while mounted on the router table, instead handling alone.


Wood routers, though known as the most versatile tool in the world, but it is equally dangerous if mishandles. A continuously spinning, sharp bit cuts the workpiece to give it a required shape and design. Handheld routers increase the chance of any mishaps, but while placing on a router table, a router is more secured. A router table allows to rout a wood more accurately and safely. You can even use different router table accessories to keep yourself safe, for example- featherboard.

A router table is  the perfect companion of your wood router to make it more functional and effective. But, one has to remember that not all the tables are destined for a particular type of router. While buying, select the one that adjusts with your router and serves your purpose. A few more things you should consider while purchasing a new router table, such as- a firm and solid table top, a strong base plate, an easy to adjust fence, etc. These are the most important features of a router table to make it more useful to the woodworkers. Happy routing.

How to Make “Sous Vide” At Home

When you eat at a fancy restaurant or a high-end café, the food has always been perfectly cooked, and they look so beautiful. A perfectly cooked steak, a beautiful looking vegetables, or a very delicious sauce. Well, most of the time it is. Do you ever wander whether if you could make it at home or not.

Sous vide is a cooking method that has been very popular lately

Now I have the answer. It is a cooking method named “sous vide”. This is a French words, means “under vacuum”. This is a cooking method that has been very popular lately, but it has been used for quite a long time by chefs all over the world, people said. First, heat the water until the appropriate temperature. Then, you put your food in a plastic bag, vacuum it, then put it in a water bath with the appropriate temperature, leave it for a couple of hours then you will have a perfect meal.

I know you probably search for sous vide at the internet then your reaction will be like, “hell no!” I know it might seems weird at the first time, but trust me. Here are the benefits of using “sous vide” method:

  • It avoid over-cooked and under-cooked.
  • The process makes it possible for your food to cooked all the through.
  • The results came perfectly the same every time you cook that particular food.
  • It is super easy, just put your food in that water bath then you can relax.
  • The closed bag will give you a juicier and more tender results to your food because it will braises the food.

This method cooks your food for quite a long time, hours and hours, but in the meantime, you can do whatever you want to do as long as the water bath’s temperature is steady. The hardest part in this cooking method is the waiting. But other than that, it is super easy. If you look at the internet, there is a special machine or equipment for it. Not gonna mention that it is quite pricey. The good news is, you can make it yourself at home!

The most important thing that you must have is thermometer. Sous vide rely on the temperature of the cooking process so thermometer is important because you really have to get to the exact temperature to cook. The other thing that also important is the plastic bag, make sure the plastic is not made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It has to be made from polyethylene, this plastic is safe.

It is super easy, just put your food in that water bath then you can relax

The plastic need to be vacuum sealed or at least you have to remove any air in the plastic bag. But I understand that not everybody has a machine for it. So what you could do is submerge the air inside the plastic bag with the water. Here is how you do it:

  1. Put your food into the plastic bag.
  2. Put the plastic bag filled with food into the water bath until the food is fully covered with water.
  3. Leave the plastic bag open and clip it into the side of the sous vide machine so it won’t go anywhere.

If you want to invest on buying one, you can search for it online, I saw one on Amazon, 3-quart bags and 1 pump for around $4. Or you can search around in your local shops.

There a few equipment to use as a sous vide method that I bet you already have at your home. This is so easy I tell you.

  1. Rice cooker or Slow cooker without external controller

The easiest way to keep the water at the same temperature all the time is by using the “keep warm” setting. But you have to check the water temperature to make sure it is on the right temperature. Every rice cooker temperature is different so you have to do a lot of experiment to really make it work perfectly fine.

  1. Deep fryer

I think this is the most complex one. We know that deep fryer temperature is quite high, because it has to heated oil. You have to have an external thermometer to make the temperature as desired.

  1. Stovetop

This is a very common sous vide method at home. Just use a pot, that big enough to fill with your water and your packaged food, get your thermometer ready, turn on the stove, then you will have your own sous vide machine in your home. You can fill your pot with a cool water if the temperature of the water inside the pot is getting too high. Just keep an eye for them as long as the temperature is steady.

  1. Beer cooler

This is also a very common and easy sous vide method at home. It is amazing how a simple equipment like a beer cooler could turn into a very fancy cooking method. This is the opposite of the stovetop method. With beer cooler, you have to add hot water if the water’s temperature inside the beer cooler is getting down. Then, you just wait.

These are the most common method to try cooking with sous vide method at home. Once you become a master on any of these method, or once you tried all of these method and find the one which the easiest for you, maybe you could try another method and become the first one to share it to the internet people.

The key is to keep the water’s temperature to the exact temperature for cooking your food

This cooking method might have a very fancy name and maybe somehow a weird way to cook. It is actually easier than the traditional method because basically you just put it in a water bath and you can leave it. Yes, it takes time. But how could you say no to a very perfect meal you could have at home, your own cook. Do not forget that it is not expensive and just a little effort to do it. The key is to keep the water’s temperature to the exact temperature for cooking your food. Go try it! A perfect meal is waiting for you.